Drive Testing

Network Swap Optimization

Initial Tuning Radio

During and after a network swap, it is critical to maintain network stability to avoid negatively affecting subscriber perceptions, especially since the new equipment often has different performance characteristics than the existing network. During network swap optimization projects, Grupo EBIS’s consultants work alongside field swap teams to benchmark sites before and after the swap. Optimization of the new equipment ensures that coverage and performance is at least as good as and preferably better than before the swap.

Smart Network Optimization is a solution designed by Grupo EBIS to combine all of the information available about your network to ensure it performs its best, from both the subscribers and the network point of view. Smart Network Optimization takes into consideration aspects such as smartphone performance, data subscriber behavior, and the physical network configuration.
Smart Network Optimization is based on our engineering team’s expertise, network raw data, and advanced analysis tools, all deployed to improve your statistical and field KPI. The overall goal is to improve service performance and reduce the number of outages and complaints.

Smart Network Optimization

To ensure optimal performance at launch, pre- and post-launch optimization should always be executed to manage any deviation from the design. Pre-launch, drive test based optimization is the most reliable. Post-launch optimization relies on drive tests along with collection of real network data and monitoring of the performance counters from the system.
An optimized network performs better, and subscribers notice the difference. You can achieve higher customer satisfaction by reducing the number of dropped calls, coverage holes, access failures, and other errors, thereby reducing churn and increasing customer loyalty.
Grupo EBIS’s engineers have demonstrated their capabilities and expertise in multiple projects, exceeding expectations and delivering on time.
Grupo EBIS allows you to determine your networks competitiveness in the market and evaluate your competitors through an independent and reliable (third-party) analysis. That analysis will look at the networks voice and data services to determine potential strengths and identify weaknesses in the market. The data it provides can serve as a solid base for planning network expansion and quality improvement exercises. Grupo EBIS has extensive experience as an independent benchmarking company, and it has been recognized for its excellent work by both operators and government regulators.
Grupo EBIS has developed a cutting-edge methodology and developed proprietary tools to guarantee an error-free process. We deliver results that reflect the real performance of your networks. For each network we analyze, we deliver a comprehensive, technical, comparative report, a set of recommendations for improvement, and a high level executive presentation; all of these documents will be available via our web-based visualization and analysis platform, which offers a powerful and intuitive user interface.
Grupo EBIS benchmarking service is ready for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, covering iDEN, CDMA 1x, EVDO, GSM/GPRS, WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+, WiMAX, LTE, and LTE-A; we can also match the latest requirements for LTE-3G handover, CSFB, and VoLTE.

Grupo EBIS offers three kinds of competitive benchmarking:
1. Commercial Benchmarking to evaluate system performance against the competition from the subscriber’s point of view, focusing on quality and coverage.
2. Engineering Mode Benchmarking to evaluate system performance from the subscribers point of view against the competition and against network performance indicators; more information is collected and analyzed in order to get to the root causes of failures.
3. Indoor Benchmarking to evaluate system performance against competition in indoor environments; this useful for pre- and post-verification of indoor solutions systems.

Pre/Post Launch Optimization

Competitive Benchmarking

Indoor Measurements

Drive testing collection and analysis of real network data is critical to an effective radio network optimization or expansion rollout. The drive-test team is commonly used for:
Optimization & Troubleshooting: Typically used to aid in finding specific problems during the rollout phases of new networks or to observe specific problems reported by consumers during the operational phase of the network lifecycle. In this mode, drive-testing data is used to diagnose the root cause of specific, typically localized, network issues such as dropped calls or missing neighbor cell assignments.
Service Quality Monitoring: Quality monitoring focuses on the end-user experience and allows mobile network operators to react to what are effectively subjective quality degradations by investigating the technical cause of the problem in time-correlated data collected during the drive test, especially in VIP routes.
Grupo EBIS drive-testing service is ready for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks covering iDEN, CDMA 1x, EVDO, GSM/GPRS, WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+, WiMAX, LTE, and LTE-A, as well as the latest requirements for LTE-3G handover, CSFB, and VoLTE.

RWSS is an innovative way to identify an effective response to your network problems. RWSS is a cost-effective solution for support based on analysis of network information in combination with a sophisticated information-exchange system. Our experienced engineers will analyze each case and offer a solution, working remotely under your complete control and monitoring.
RWSS is focused on optimization, network planning, and performance.
In order to assure that your reports offer high-quality information and analysis, delivered on time, Grupo EBIS maintains a specialized post processing center integrated by qualified RF engineers.
If your team is overloaded, consider having Grupo EBIS data post-processing service support you.

Remote Wireless Services Support (RWSS)

The Core and Transmission optimization service helps operators and vendors identify areas where opportunities for improvement exist, in order to achieve a maximum network utility. The aim of the service is to seek stability and efficiency, thereby achieving an outstanding experience at the user level. This service is available for the circuit, packets, IP, and IMS networks, in the design and optimization processes.
The analysis for the optimization of the network’s core reviews all aspects, including key performance indicators, in order to find points for improvement and prioritize the current strategies of the business. By implementing actions that improve the performance and optimize the allocation of resources, it can have a positive impact on the quality provided to the end subscriber. The network’s core technologies evolve in a rapid and constant manner, thus making follow-up activities often quite complex. Grupo EBIS staff’s international experience always ensures that we are at the forefront when it comes to the latest updates. This knowledge is transferred to your local staff throughout the project, to convey information that will allow future stability and maintain a high level of confidence in the network.

Core and Transmission Optimization

Data Post-Processing

Grupo EBIS will assure your new sites are properly installed, configured, and operating; take care of performance; and execute all necessary adjustments to reach the best KPI for the new station all while maintaining or even improving your network quality.
The initial tuning service ensures a positive network impact with the incorporation of new sites, a proper site installation, and full radio configuration and performance, removing worries from your team so they can focus on other important tasks.
This service is offered an end-to-end process by site or cluster; our module is available for data centralization and management.
With the evolution of smartphones and subscribers data-consumption behavior, network performance in indoor environments has become critical to subscribers perceptions of network performance. Let Grupo EBIS evaluates and proposes solutions to improve your network with cutting-edge solutions properly calibrated and optimized and perfectly harmonized with the outdoor environment.